Make Cartoons On Your Phone With These Apps. Turns Out It’s Easy

Okay, so Animation can be a complicated process. For professional work, it can take months for a single animator to make minutes of a video. However, with these apps, we can make our own cartoons in minutes. These apps take care of most of the technicalities. All you have to do is bring the creativity and boom; magic. Here’s the list.

Draw Cartoons 2

Making your own animations couldn’t be easier. This app comes with a lot, and I do mean a lot, of characters and backgrounds. You just select a character, select a background and start animating. The characters are rigged, so that their body parts can be moved around. So you have them in one position, then you move them to another position and tadaa you’re making a cartoon. There are also items that you can add to your scenes. It’s incredibly easy to use, but still one of the more technical apps on this list.

Toontastic 3D

Google made this one, so you know it’s good. Toonstastic is an app that you can use to make 3D animations. The app comes with a bunch of characters, as well as settings that you will use for your story. You place characters about your setting as you like. And then you can hit record. What this does, is it records you as you simply drag your characters across the screen. You can also talk into your microphone and that gets recorder a well. It is very simple to use and you can make some pretty hilarious things.

Animate It

With Animate It, after you choose your character and the props that they’re going to be carrying, you pick objects. These object are draggable. So, you move them excactly where you want them to be in order to create your scene. Choose your character, put a skin of your choice on them and start making something. You put your character in a position and then add a frame. You put them in a different position and they move between positions. And of course, you can add as many positions as you want.

Puppet Pals HD

Like other apps on this list, Puppet Pals comes with characters that you can use. There’s a bonus though. You can take images from you gallery, and make characters from those. You just use your finger to trace the outline of a character in the image, and you add that character to your story. The same thing applies for the backdrop. Choose one, or create your own. Now hit record, drag your characters around, voice it out and make your story. You can also double tap a character to flip them in the opposite direction.

Self quarantine can be dull. Get one of these. Do something creative. It’s fun.


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