How President Akufo-Addo Used His Shirt To Send A Message To Ghanaians

President Akufo-Addo

In the rich Ghanaian culture, various channels are utilized to send messages and communicate with one another.

The music we sing, the dance steps we make and even the traditional print we wear all carry subtle messages though they are in full view of everyone.

Yesterday, when President Akufo-Addo addressed the country for a third time in 10 days over the novel coronavirus infection called COVID-19, he used his choice of clothing to send a message to Ghanaians.

In his speech, the president announced a complete shutdown of Ghana’s territorial borders – land, sea, air.

He among others, he also announced that one of the infected persons being treated in the country had died.

Meanwhile, the President’s shirt also had its own message.

The Adinkra symbol called ‘ani bre a enso gya’ in the Twi Language is printed in the African print fabric he wore.

In a very verbatim type of translation of the Twi name, it means “red eyes can’t spark flames” or better put “no matter how aggressive the eyes become, it can’t spark a fire”.

This is a message on the need to keep calm.

The ‘ani bre a enso gya’ Adinkra symbol symbolizes self-control, discipline and patience.

In his speech in such a pivotal moment in a crisis such as this, the President’s choice of clothing speaks volumes and urges Ghanaians to remain calm even in the midst of a storm.


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