Government Places All Visitors In Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine

The government has started placing travellers into the country in 14-day quarantine before allowing them to join the wider public.

This revelation comes after the President placed a total ban on all passenger travel into the country.

A number of Ghanaian social media users have started talking about how their family and friends who just entered the country have been placed in quarantine.

One said a friend who travelled into the country from the United Kingdom has been quarantined at the M Plaza Hotel.

Another said his brother has been placed in mandatory quarantine at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

As far as they know, the government will take up the hotel bill for the quarantine period.

Doctors and other health professionals have been assigned to monitor them while they are in quarantine.

This is part of the latest drastic measures taken by the government to fight the coronavirus pandemic.


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