Churches Reduce Congregation, Move Service Online While Others Fellowshiped At Home

Ghana is a predominantly Christian country.

On Sundays, there are thousands of church services. While some walk briskly to church others arrive in either commercial or private vehicles.

If one does not live near church, one will certainly hear church music on the horizon. Sounds of church music, pastors preaching, prophetic sessions fill the air.

However, today that sight was very rare and it was eerily quiet for a Sunday.

That was because of the ban on church service imposed by President Akufo-Addo as part of preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus.

To find out whether this ban was indeed being observed, the team visited various parts of Accra while observing strict social distancing protocols.

Jesse Ababio reported from Tesano that church activities had come to a halt.

Unlike the usually busy streets, they are quite empty.

The Tesano Baptist Church located at Tesano close to the Tesano police station. Church services have been shutdown following the Presidents Directive.
The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Located at Tesano close to the Ghana Telecom University College.

Margaret Sagoe also reports a similar situation in Amanfro. While a Pentecost Church has shut its doors, a relatively smaller congregation of a local Perez Chapel assembly had gathered for church services.

The Church Of Pentecost
The local Perez Chapel church

Meanwhile, Kweku reports from Dansoman that the Conquerors Chapel held a church service with a relatively smaller congregation. He reports that about 5 vehicles had parked on the church premises though the main entrance was shut. “There were some people in there singing,” he reported.

Julitta Gbagbo also reported that the Martyrs of Uganda Catholic at Mamprobi was closed.

An online mass was held from St Mary’s SHS.

Nii Okai Tetteh, also reported from New Gbawe that churches have indeed shutdown.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, New Gbawe branch was shut down with only the security guard seen on the premises. Similarly, the local Light House Church (The Mega Church) branch was also closed. However, it was observed that a family held church services on their compound.

Numbering about 10, the family ensured that they observed the sabbath the best way they could.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana
Light House Church (The Mega Church)
A family holding a church service

It can be noted that a number of churches with the ability to conduct online streaming of church activities will have a small number of people in the church building. It would mostly include the pastor, a worship leader and a camera person.


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