5 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Black Soap Into Your Skin Care Regimen

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Black soap, locally known as alata samina, is made from plants like plantain, palm tree leaves, shea butter bark, and cocoa pods. They are sun-dried and roasted together in a pot for hours, giving the components of black soap the dark colouring. From there, water and oils are added to the roughly ground plants. Generally, black soap is made with coconut oil, palm oil, and shea butter. (Source: annmariegianni.com)

The texture of African black soap is soft and malleable with others made into liquid form for easy use. It is made without added chemicals so it doesn’t harden up like generic soaps. It loosens fairly easily when warmth is applied and melts onto your skin.

Here are some of the benefits of using black soap in your skincare regimen.

  1. It’s Anti-bacterial
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Natural antibacterial properties make African black soap an excellent alternative to chemical-laden cleansers. In fact, it may actually remove more bacteria than chemical cleansers do. Despite its strength, black soap is gentle enough to use on your face, hands, and body. (Source: healthline.com)

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