You Can Produce A Song On Your Phone. Use These Apps

Music production has come a long way. There are now production apps that you can use on your phone. Use these apps if you’re on the move and there’s just something that you have to record. You have to pay for these apps because they do provide incredible functionality. However, they are worth what they cost. Here’s the list.

FL Studio Mobile

Even if you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Fruity Loops. The name is now officially FL Studio. And there’s a mobile version. It will cost you GHC75. The mobile version falls short of the version on PC. Still, it is a multi-track DAW with a lot of functionality. It has a virtual piano-keyboard and drum pads as well.


Although SunVox is a very colourful app on mobile. Behind the visuals though, it is more limited when compared to other mobile music poduction apps. It does, however, support some input. And you can also do some real-time recording. SunVox also has some wide-ranged synthesizer effects. SunVox goes for GHC35.


Lemur comes with customizable skins that make the app look however that you want it to look. It also allows multi-touch functionality. Lemur GHC120. Lemur boasts users like Daft Punk, CHVURCHES and Bjork among others.

Whether you’re a novice at music production or you’re full fledged, these apps will come in handy. Handy. You know, because your phone is in your hand. And they’re apps for your phone. I’m sorry. Go create some beautiful music.


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