What You Need To Do To Future-Proof Your Career Path

I know it’s not a fun thing to think about, but you’re not going to be where you are forever. Especially, if you are at your first job. You need to take measures to ensure that you are ready for change. And that you don’t limit your opportunities to grow. Here are some things to do in order to future-proof your career path.

Keep Your CV Current

A good way to keep track of your own growth is through regular CV updates. When you update your skills section, as well as the experiences that you put on it, you learn how you’re changing. You also learn in what ways that you are. An updated CV also means that you’re ready for opportunities as they become available to you.

Keep Track Of Your Achievements

This is a very important thing. Usually, we are only as capable as we think that we are. We tend to shy from roles that we think are above our capabilities. Soemtimes, this means that we’re selling ourselves short. In keeping track of your achievements, you realise exactly how capable you are. You know what you can do in real world terms. That limits your self doubt. It allows you to fully exploit your capabalities when opportunities present themselves at work.

Reflect On The Things That Work And The Things That Don’t Work For You

Before you have any particular job you can only imagine what it would be like. You don’t know the things that you will find uncomfortable. It is good then to reflect on your current position. Take note of all the things that you just love. Also, take note of the parts that you don’t look forward to. Whenever you are considering future possibilites factor these things in. In this way, you will know what career paths you are actually inclined towards.

Learn What Your Transferrable Skills Are

Transferrable skills are the skills that you use at one job, that can be applied to other jobs. Learn what all your transferrable skills are. This will make you better able to visualize yourself in other roles. A reason that you might pass up certain opportunities is that you are not able to see yourself in those roles. Your transferrable skills will give you a base on which you can build other required skills.

Explore New Education Or Training Opprtunities

When these opportunities present themselves formally, you should definitely take them. That means go for the company seminars, the talks and the training programs. In addition to that, however, you should create your own learning opportunities. You can connect with your coworkers who have different roles, in order to learn how those jobs work. Grow your skill base. You can also talk to your superiors about your interest in other departments or other job functions. Ask for opportunities to shadow people from these departments.

Build Relationships

Build relationships whenever you can. Networking is an invaluable tool on the job market. It gives you connections that you may not see initially. Build relationships as you work. Be generous and help whenever you can. At events, socialize, get to know poeple. Your contacts may come in handy at times that you don’t expect.

It is a great feeling to love your job. Sometimes our feelings are less passionate and more calculated. Either way, and whether you like it or not, we all need to grow. It’s better then to know how you want to grow, so that you can take the lead in this respect. And so that you can be ready for it.


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