The Real Meaning Of Government’s Decision To Legalise Cannabis For Industrial Use 

The internet is going crazy because a few media houses and bloggers reported that parliament has passed a bill that decriminalises the use of cannabis for industrial and health use.

What happens when marijuana is legalised for industrial use in the country then since everyone is excited??? 

First of all, no… it does not mean you can smoke as much as you want because this is a different kind of Cannabis. 

This is called Hemp. The same hemp everyone just used interchangeably with marijuana.

They are not the same.

Marijuana and hemp are both a part of the cannabis family but the two serve entirely different purposes. 

Marijuana is what people usually smoke to get high because of its high THC levels but hemp is what most countries have legalised for industrial use and is often referred to as industrial/commercial hemp.


Because it has a thousand and one uses that can actually be really good for the country’s economic growth. These include dietary supplements, skin products, clothing, and accessories. 

Although currently, in most countries some people smoke hemp, it does not get you high but only gives you a relaxing effect because of its CBD levels which relieve pain and make you relaxed but not high, making it the perfect ‘drug’ for people suffering from heart diseases, cancer, anxiety, depression and more.

The substance that makes you high (THC) is actually less than 0.3% in hemp… too low for you marijuana loving fanatics but the high level of cannabinoid makes it ideal for health use especially in the most popular health form: CBD oil which can be used for massages and more to relieve pain and calm people with different kinds of disorders.

So… sorry, but the government’s decision to legalise the hemp for industrial use does not mean its 420 every day in Ghana. You will still be arrested if caught with the plant.

Stay woke.

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