Make A Good First Impression At Your Job Interview

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Get it? Because then it won’t be a first impression. Okay, enough of that. Alright, so when you go for a job interview it is important that you make a good first impression. This will set the tone for the rest of the interview. It decides whether the interviewer will be optimistic about the actual interview or whether they will be apprehensive before it has even started. Use these tips to make sure that you make the right first impression and give yourself an edge.

Dress For The Job

The way that you are dressed is probably what makes the biggest impression when you meet someone. If you need help with that, read this. Just remember that if you have to ask someone whether what you are wearing is appropriate, then you should probably get changed.

Don’t Arrive Too Early

I mean, obviously don’t arrive late. That will leave a big impression that will end up being very difficult to correct. Don’t arrive too early either. Ideally, you should arrive 10 or 15 minutes before your interview. If you arrive too early, say a whole hour or forty-five minutes early it can be troublesome. In this case, the interviewer has to exert himself to try and accommodate you for the period. He has to keep checking in on you. It can also be nerve-racking for you, just sitting in the waiting area.

Know How To Enter A Room

Don’t enter any room looking intimidated. You don’t know who might be behind any door. Even if you have to fake it, present yourself as confident.

Be Kind To Everyone

From the minute you enter the building, be kind to everyone you meet. Trust me, being rude to the receptionist can actually hurt your chances of being employed. If you think someone is too low in the pecking order to actually affect you, you’re wrong. People tend to build relationships where they work. Your hiring manager and receptionist you were rude to may actually have a shared interest in baby clothes. They talk. You get the point.

Be Prepared To Talk About The Company And Yourself

Do some research on the company. Try to figure out how you would potentially fit in there. You should also be prepared to talk about yourself. It may be a good idea to practice before an interview. You want to impress with how much you know about the company.

Learn The Interviewer’s Name Ahead Of Time

Another way to just blow your interviewer away is to make sure that you remember their name. You can check LinkedIn for the name of the hiring manager where you’re going to work. However, if you’re not sure about the right name, it would just be better to not wing it. It goes without saying, if a person introduces themself, keep their name in your head.

The first impression a person makes of you can be long-lasting. Make it count.


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