Here’s How To Make Sure You Don’t Die Of Boredom Anytime Soon

Self-quarantine is difficult.

You have always wished to stay indoors all day but after spending a few days at home, it really looks like you are about to die from boredom.

Don’t worry. We are here to keep you alive.

We know the perfect thing for you to do the whole time you are indoors and the best part is…every Friday, you will get more of it!

We are talking about the Kuulpeeps Naughty Corner Show.

You are about to have the best almost 2 minutes of your life!

Let’s start with this:

Does anyone have NAUGHTY PICTURES of you?

Does anyONE? Or like the lady in the video says: does “any two or three persons??” Lol watch these responses:

Have you EVER said the wrong name during sex??

Don’t shout! Watch these people’s answer lmao!

What’s the weirdest place you have had sex?

Your mummy’s room? Your car? Lol take a look at these naughty people’s answers

What time of day would you rather have sex?

Morning? afternoon? Evening? Night? Dawn? The reasons are crazy!!

What clothes turn you on?

Jeans? Sundress? Anything extra special? Lol someone said net dress…what is that?!!!

Do you prefer the lights on or off during sex?

the reasons these people gave will kill you lmao

What’s your go-to move to turn someone on?

Young people are doing the most!

Did you have fun?

If you did, comment your reactions, share it with your friends and next week Friday we will keep you updated with brand new episodes.


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