Employable Skills You Can Study While You Self Quarantine

Okay, so it looks like we’re going to be home for a while. While hibernation is not a bad idea, you can fix some self-improvement into the agenda. These are skills that you can put on your CV to give you an extra edge. Learn these skills from your home for free. You will be familiar with these apps. However, there is a difference between being functional and actual mastery. For an employer, anyway.

Microsoft Word

I remember trying so hard to get my table of contents to work. It was on the day of the deadline for my long essay. There is so much functionality embedded in Word, to be honest. You just need to be able to know what you can do and how you can do it. Technology For Students And Teachers is a great YouTube channel to go through all the annoying little things in Word that you have trouble with.


Excel is capable of so much more than a lot of us imagine. Most of us only know basic functions like adding and multiplying cells. In-depth knowledge is a huge plus when you are applying for roles that involve collecting and interpreting data. The Excel Is Fun YouTube channel has over 3,000 video tutorials. Learn how to use formulas, charts and so much more in Excel while you’re home.


Sure you can just choose a template and make a presentation. That works. It works, but you can do so much more elevate your presentations above the basics. You can add slide animations or even make your own custom icons for your presentations. This will make them stand out. Learn all this on the PowerPoint School YouTube channel.


Everyone knows what PhotoShop is at this point. Most people don’t get it because they feel it is for professionals who do crazy things with it. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it beginner-friendly. However, some functions can be simple to perform. Learn the basics, as well as some cool tricks on the Tutvid YouTube Channel.

So, definitely get in all the sleep that you can. You will get bored though. Work on yourself in those moments. What you learn never really goes away.


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