5 Things You Shouldn’t Do But Will Definitely End Up Doing While Quarantined


You may come out of this quarantine with a lot more weight than you have now

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After eating all the food you set aside for the quarantine period, of course, you aren’t exercising because…no gym and you don’t want to go outside jogging because … coronavirus! So yeah, by the time this threat subsides, your ripped body would have turned into shambles. Bye Bye summer body.

You will text your Exes

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You’re bored so you are going to look for entertainment and the devil is going to make you text your ex. That guy tore your heart into pieces but you are going to send him a “hello, are you safe?” Maybe too, you are the devil and you are going to text that ex who’s moved on from you: “hey, just checking on you. I miss you”


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