Veronica Bekoe: The Ghanaian Inventor Of The Life Saving Veronica Buckets

veronica bekoe veronica bucket

As the country fights the deadly coronavirus infection, all the preventive measures are asking institutions to purchase something called Veronica Buckets.

Before they were closed down, institutions such as the University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the University of Cape Coast, all senior and junior high schools among others were advised to purchase Veronica Buckets.

Veronica Buckets have become essential in the fight against coronavirus.

Veronica Bucket is a bucket with a tap near the bottom that is perched above a basin to catch runoff — plus soap.

It was used in many West African countries during the Ebola crisis.

A Veronica Bucket in Sierra Leone. Photo: Kieran McConville

The Veronica Buckets have become essential in stopping the spread of diarrheal diseases and other infections.

It was invented by Veronica Bekoe, a Ghanaian biological scientist.

Mrs Veronica Bekoe, Former head, National Public Reference Laboratory, Accra.

Mrs. Veronica Bekoe has over 30 years’ experience in medical laboratory practise.

Having worked as the Head of the National Public Health Reference Laboratory and the Laboratory focal person for the National AIDS/STI Control Program (NACP), she has a wealth of experience in Laboratory Management, Mentorship, Development of training manuals, development of guidelines and SOPs for laboratory diagnostics, managerial and QA processes, microbiology procedures, Laboratory Logistics Management, Laboratory Assessments/Audits, infection prevention in laboratories, Technical support for guidelines for Quality Assurance in HIV testing and evaluation of HIV test kits and Structuring, training and implementation of proficiency testing in HIV serology.

Mrs Veronica Bekoe’s invention has significantly improved hand-sanitation and general hygienic practices and helped reduce diarrhoea cases in Ghana and other African countries.

Now, it may well be the saviour against the community spread of the novel coronavirus infection called COVID-19.


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