Tips To Dress Appropriately For Your Job Interview

First impressions are important. In order, to make yours count at a job interview, you need to dress right. While this usually means going as formal as formal gets, that isn’t always the case. Follow these tips to dress right for the specific job interview.

Understand The Culture Of The Prospective Company

Before you go straight for the suit, you need to look at the context of where you’re interviewing. Simply put, dress appropriately for the situation. If you are interviewing at a bank or a law firm, you should definitely go for that suit. However, if you are interviewing at a start-up or a place that is less traditional, you should dress less formally.

How To Dress For More Formal Companies

SOURCE: Career Network

If the company you are interviewing at falls on the more formal end of the spectrum, you want to go with business formal as shown above. So what’s above is obviously business casual for men. Find business formal for women below.

SOURCE: Career Network


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