These Are The Jobs Most Likely To Be Affected By Coronavirus

As we are witnessing all over the world, the pandemic affects more than people’s health. It also affects the way society functions. The measures taken to curtail the spread of Coronavirus affect us. These measures affect the job security of numbers of the population. These are the jobs whose security is going to be most affected by the pandemic.

Airline Workers

Health workers are most affected by Coronavirus. Although, the least of their concerns is job security. Behind health workers, airline workers are most affected by the pandemic. Establishing travel restrictions is the initial policy measure governments take to stop the spread of Coronavirus. In addition to this, a large population of people will be hesitant to travel in such unpredictable times. Airline workers, from pilots to hosts and hostesses will have their jobs affected.

Travel Agents

Travel agents who plan trips for clients are also going to be affected by travel restrictions between countries. Airline workers might have some level of security because of their association with large corporations (the airlines). Travel agents, however, tend to be small to medium scale businesses and might not be able to provide their employees with the same cushion.

Employment Services

Services that find roles for job searchers, or find fits for companies will be affected. As the situation with the pandemic evolves, the future of workers is uncertain. In these times, people are less like to be searching for jobs as a result of social distancing directives. Employment services that connect people to job roles will likely see a decrease in clients that patronize their services.

Leisure And Hospitality Workers

The government is basically saying ‘Just stay at home’ and that is exactly what people are doing. The workers that find themselves in the hospitality industry will see business slow down. However, these businesses are taking precautions as well. And they haven’t entirely shut down yet.

Actors And Other Performers

Several musicians have cancelled their international tours. They are not travelling during this period. There is a more serious issue, however. There is a prohibition on large gatherings by government policy.

Policy measures being extended to workplaces will affect all workers. However, the workers on this list are directly affected by the incidence of the pandemic.


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