#FightCOVID19: White Lady Thrown Out Of A Supermarket In Ghana

The world is fighting the novel coronavirus infection which is now a pandemic.

In Ghana, we have not been spared.

Today, Ghana’s coronavirus cases rose to 9 – all these are imported cases.

The fear of catching the virus has brought out the inhumane side of most of us.

Pharmacies are swindling customers by increasing prices of already stocked hand sanitizers, gloves and face masks.

Ghanaians, who have always prided themselves of being hospitable, are now caring out racist acts against foreigners in the country.

A video that has come to the attention of Kuulpeeps.com shows a white lady manhandled and thrown out of a supermarket.

The shop attendants refused to allow her to shop.

According to sources, the lady had refused to use the hand sanitizer she was offered.

However, this incident indicates the somewhat growing discrimination towards white people or people from Asia living in the country.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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  1. Why didn’t she want to use the hand gel? Why did she feel she did not have to comply when 1000’s of people are dying?


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