Building A Career Whiles Being In School- Sonia Essel’s Story

Combining studies in the University with a side job is a herculean task. You need to work around your school’s timetable and sometimes, ditch lectures just to make money. Sometimes in doing so, you miss out of pop quizzes and exercises which would add to your final marks.

It takes a lot of dedication and concentration and seriousness to make both ventures work.

Sonia Essel, the CEO of smarta_braids_n_kurlz is a product of this type of life and she has been kicking ass!

In 2016, when she was an undergrad student, she decided to stop going to the salon because her edges were pulled off by one stylist. She started investing her time and energy into taking care and styling her own natural hair till Christmas.

She decided to try using extensions on someone and she used herself, her sister and a cousin of hers as Guinea pigs.

She got better and better at it and eventually decided to turn it into an actual business. She did free hairstyles for her friends so that gained the necessary experience and that was how everything started.

She had a number of issues while starting out because she was juggling her studies as an undergrad and hairstylist and largely due to her timetable, she had to put most of her bookings on the weekend.

She does braids, crochet, faux locs, wig caps, sew-ins and the likes. She also does bridal hairstyling.

You can reach her on 0207422382 or DM her on Instagram (smarta_braids_n_kurlz)


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