8 Yvonne Nelson Tweets You Cannot Read Without Screaming In Your Head

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Do you read tweets and social media texts in a particular voice?

For instance, if you know the person, you read their posts in their voice and when you read others’ you kind of makeup voices for them in your head.

Right now, you are definitely reading this story in a voice…it might be your own or someone else’s but, for us, after seeing Yvonne Nelson’s recent tweets, we noticed we read most of them in her voice but at a higher octave.

Possibly, screaming or yelling or shouting because she’s usually just so passionate.

We picked out the best and…these are the tweets we are certain she screamed out loud or in her head when typing.

Let’s see if you can go through them all without reading them as ‘shouts/screams’ in your head.

This post, we screamed along with her because we understand her frustration too!!!

This too, we can totally relate and we will be screaming our versions too!

This tweet was after Twitter users decided to laugh and troll her just because she tweeted her frustration that the country should have shut down the airports but smh planes were still flying into the country and she was up early to count them.

The shock and definitely a hint of laughter!

And this advice from her because of the coronavirus outbreak

On 6th March our Yaa Asantewaa, known for being the voice of the youth just had to remind Ghanaians that:

Don’t forget to use the screaming voice for this truth!

If you didn’t even yell once, this tweet is the perfect one for yelling!!!!

Did you or did you not yell?

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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