This Is What Some People Around The World Are Up To While Self Isolating

image via premier health

The Coronavirus pandemic has got several people all over the world, quarantining themselves as a precaution.

Schools have shut down, companies and organizations have asked employees to work from home and some countries have officials making sure no one steps out of their house. People have to be indoors all the time and it looks like no one really likes that!

Most were excited in the beginning but now, it looks like all over the world, people are getting bored and trying to find ways to keep themselves entertained while on quarantine.

Here are some of the activities we found people involved in…

Gym heads are finding innovative ways to use gym equipment they don’t have:

People are actually reading for fun (like they should!)

Movies and random google searches because…boredom!

Boredom in itself can be a disease lmao

When there’s nothing to do…twerk!

Must be nice, being quarantined with the love of your life!

When you can’t get ‘some’ so you do it yourself!

The snacks and food storage is turning out to be really difficult

Look, people are now actually noticing they live with others lmao

It’s going to be an interesting next couple of weeks just to stay safe!


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