This Is How I Got My Content Noticed By Samsung. Meet The UNORTHODOX CREATOR

We are in a great age of creators. The internet is so accessible and in addition, there are platforms that allow us to display our work. With the creative market so flooded then, how do you get noticed? And more importantly, how do you get noticed by brands? The perks of brand backing are numerous. Imagine getting the newest model phone from Samsung in order to make even more fire content. Well, the UNORTHODOX CREATOR doesn’t have to imagine. This is how he got noticed by Samsung Ghana. All media content used in this article can be found on his Instagram page @ishotonsamsung.

I Create With My Phone

Okay, so our Unorthodox Creator literally woke up one day and started putting out his content. There is a little backstory though. He has always been fascinated with mobile photography. In that regard, it’s always been a hobby of his. Before he started the @ishotonsamsung account, he shot and edited pictures on his phone. These pictures, however, he wasn’t sharing. He recalls his cousins and friends sending him their pictures to edit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get that professional look on their good shots?

So how did he go from hobbyist photographer and editor to Samsung-backed creator?


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