This Is How Grammarly Makes It Easier To Graduate

Okay, first of all, stop ignoring the Grammarly Ads. I know they’re everywhere and that can be annoying. But if you’re a student, you’re at a very big disadvantage if you’re not using Grammarly. Grammarly is like showing assignments to your lecturer before you submit them. Get Grammarly, and the road to graduation will be much smoother. This is what Grammarly will do for you.

The Right Language For Each Purpose

The thing about your writing is that it conveys more than information. After uploading a document into the Grammarly website, Grammarly asks what you are trying to convey. It asks for the tone of your writing; joyful, neutral, analytical or friendly. It also asks for a description of your audience; are you writing for experts or the general public. There are other objectives it asks you for. After that, Grammarly rates your delivery, your correctness, your clarity, and your engagement. It also tells you how you can improve these areas. Grammarly can also be downloaded into your browser.

Autocorrect/Grammar Checker

Grammarly has an autocorrect function. This checks for misspelt words. That is the most basic of its functions. In addition to that Grammarly also checks your grammar and sentence construction. It makes doesn’t just make sure that your grammar is correct, it also makes sure that you are using the right grammar for the particular context.

Plagiarism Checker

When your lecturer tells you that he will check your work for plagiarism, that is not a bluff. You can check your own work beforehand though. By uploading a document to Grammarly you can get a plagiarism score for it. Grammarly compares your work to pre-existing papers to do this.

Trust me, your lecturer will have a lot of trouble finding a way in which your writing falls short. On a side note; Grammarly says this is okay to publish :).


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