These Are The Best Apps To Learn Another Language

Learning another language is something we all dream about. It can get hard though. When learning another language begins to feel like work, it becomes hard to maintain the commitment. These apps find innovative ways to keep you interested in the process. Take a look at the best apps to learn a language.



Duolingo is one of the more popular language learning apps on mobile. The interactive notifications that the app sends you, make getting to your lessons easier. The app focuses on gamification to make an addictive learning experience.


Busuu offers a more structured approach to learning a language. You start with words, phrases and then go to full-on sentences. The app comes with native pronunciation. And Busuu is arranged according to topics. You can learn the particular associated language for completing a specific task.


Babbel allows you to download lessons offline for later use. It teaches lessons with pictures in order to make learning more intuitive. An amazing feature of this app is its speech recognition. Go nuts speaking exotic languages into your phone.


The selling point of Memrise is that you can have fun learning vocabulary. New words are taught in a gamified way. The Memrise community contributes to the lesson-base. With words taught in the context of memes, they become easier to remember.


HelloTalk is a chat platform similar to WhatsApp. The twist is that users are trying to learn the language that they are speaking in. HelloTalk offers text and voice functionality. There are also features that you can use when you just can’t find a word. The app has an in-built translator.


HiNative is an interesting concept for a language app. You ask questions regarding a language you’re trying to learn, and you get a response from language natives. On the other side of that, you get to answer questions that might be simple to you but that someone trying to learn English is struggling with.


Other apps gamify learning, but Mindsnacks takes this to a whole other level. After each introductory lesson, you play games in order to achieve mastery of that lesson. This actually ends up feeling more like a gaming app with language learning tacked on. Mindsnacks currently only has 7 languages.

It can be daunting to try and learn a new language. Download an app, and see how it goes. Most of these will just need about 15 minutes from you in a day. Just stick with the lessons and soon you’ll be speaking something new.

Apps aside, there are also several other ways that people learn a completely new language. has put together some real world experiences of people learning a new language and their personal experiences making it work. You can read that here.


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