Solid Tips On How To Survive Playing FIFA All By Yourself

Everyone is considering self-quarantine now that Ghana has recorded several cases of coronavirus.

People have mixed feelings because they cannot hang out with friends as much as they’d like to and for FIFA players, it’s devastating because they cannot play games with their friends anymore.

Because we know just how important FIFA is to you guys, we’ve got some tips for you to play FIFA safely, while quarantined.

Play FIFA online

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It’s not even difficult. You can still play with a friend and troll them for losing on social media. Yes, you wouldn’t get people watching you whoop someone but at least you’ve got a phone that can take pictures and show to the whole world.

Time to lose by yourself

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If you have been getting lashed in the game by people, this is the perfect time to practice on your own. You can lose a thousand times and no one will know but at the end of all this (yes, we will get through this pandemic), you will come out stronger and better and everyone go shock!

Finish your Manager mode

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If you are confused over how to make sense out of playing this game all by yourself, just switch to the Manager Mode and actually finish it!!! You know you never get the chance to because everyone keeps coming around, asking to play.

Play a league/tournament

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This is the best thing to play while you are on your own. This is the time to make your team (you know your team has never won any league in real life) to win one virtually. We promise it will make you feel better.

Stay safe and always wash your hands before playing! Wipe down your consoles and pads with sanitizer and tissues and play safe!


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