Cardi B’s Inspired Coronavirus Song Peaks At Number 11 On iTunes

image via Instagram/ Cardi B

One DJ’s song about coronavirus is trending at number 11 on the iTunes chart.

The song was mainly a piece of advice by American rapper Cardi B talking about how real the COVID-19 is.

In her expletive comments, she said that she was scared especially since the virus which originated in Wuhan, China, has found its way across the world.

“Coronavirus sh_t is real,” she said.

DJ Imarkkeyz took that line added his beat and made a song that has gone viral.

On Instagram, he made a collage of numerous viral videos with the song in the background. The video featured Cardi B herself, rapper Future, Beyonce and many others.

Cardi B who was excited about the innovation retweeted the post adding that “At this point I want royalties…I might as well make a damn music video.”


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