Time To Store Water As Ghana Water Co. Ltd Warns Of Crisis Ahead

Image of a water valve

The Management of Ghana Water Company Limited has indicated through a statement that it is experiencing some challenges with water supply in Accra and most cities during this high demand period.

It has, therefore, urged consumers to increase storage of water while it is flowing through their taps, so in the event of low pressures or no flow, consumers can resort to their storage.

A statement issued by the company said: “it must be emphasized that during this period of the coronavirus pandemic, citizens are advised to wash hands regularly under running water. With the erratic flow in some areas, consumers are advised to use improvised receptacles like the “Veronica Bucket” in the washing of hands and dispose of the dirty water immediately after”.

” A number of consumers who resort to the use of treated water for keeping lawns green, for commercial washing of vehicles, etc. are also advised to desist from that, since these practices reduce the pressures in the pipelines, thereby causing low pressure and no flow in some areas, especially areas located in high elevations,” the statement added.

Source: Rainbowradio

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