Survive Your Work Day With These Easy-To-Get Productivity Foods

You know that point in your day when you suddenly just lose momentum? As in, you finish one task and then all of a sudden you are at zero energy. Well, that sucks. I do have some good news though. There are some foods you can eat that will reinvigorate you. Eat these pick-me-ups and get yourself back on track.


One of the reasons that parents are discouraged from giving their kids too much sugar is because the children get a sugar rush. This is a surge in energy levels from taking in sugar. You can do this, but more in a more controlled way. There are natural sugars found in fruits. By taking these, you can work more productively and bypass the negative effects of artificial sugars.


Banana’s contain high levels of glucose, which provides energy to the body. A single banana has all the glucose that your body will need for a day. Banana’s are also a great snack in between meals because they fill you up.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate specifically because milk chocolate is mostly cream and sugar. Chocolate that is cocoa-rich, however, is a health food that will boost your productivity. Dark chocolate contains caffeine, but it also has anti-oxidant properties.


No, I’m not trolling. Sometimes, you’re working on something and your mouth feels dry. We usually just ignore this feeling in favour of whatever work that we’re doing. And that is not a good thing. Drinking lots of water, and staying hydrated keeps you going longer. In my experience, the feeling of dehydration can be uncomfortable and it will distract from your work.

Coffee, Obviously

Coffee contains caffeine and taking coffee brings an increase in focus. This occurs as a result of an increase in wakefulness and alertness. There are several arguments to be made for the addictive nature of coffee. So, figure out how coffee affects you, and use it as it suits your needs.

Now, let’s go cross some things off that ToDo list.


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