Ghanaian Artistes Who Are Abroad Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

Looks like all everyone talks about these days is Coronavirus and…that’s perfectly okay because cases have popped up right here in Ghana, making the threat that seemed so far away right up in our faces!

Most of us are busy keeping the right distance, staying away from public places and making sure we practice good hand hygiene and if you aren’t doing any of those, you better make sure you do!

While we are all trying to stay safe in the country, shaking our heads at all the imported cases of the coronavirus, we can’t help but keep a close eye on our favourite celebs who are currently out of the country in other countries with reported cases too!

Take a look:

Pappy Kojo – Italy

image via Instagram

Pappy Kojo is definitely one of the celebs out of the country that has got us all worrying. He’s currently in Italy which we all know is the epicentre of the virus. They have recorded over 27,000 cases with more than 2000 deaths. The country is currently on lockdown and any resident in Italy, seen walking around is arrested and fined.

Click the numbers below to see the artistes currently in the UK


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