Get Certificates For Your CV With These Online Courses

During the period before you are employed, you have a lot of downtime. So, you should definitely capitalize on that. These websites all offer courses that are available completely online. Most of these are international courses. And some of them are put together by multiple experts from around the world. The best thing about these courses is that they come with certificates for when you need a reference. An additional advantage of the online format is the wide variety of courses offered.


Most of Udemy’s courses are available at around $20. This is roughly GHC100. Before you sign up for a course on Udemy, you see how many hours the course requires to complete. You can split these hours up as is convenient for you. Udemy’s course rating system also ensures that you get the general consensus on a course before you actually pay for it.

Plural Sight

Plural Sight is only a tech-skill development website. As such, all the courses are tech-related. With plural sight, you don’t pay on a per course basis. Instead, you pay on a monthly ($30/GHC150) or yearly ($300/GHC1500) basis. I should mention that Plural Sight only offers certificates for the completion of video courses. For other courses, such as the interactive and project courses, there is no certification.


The great thing about Coursera is that you have access to every course for free. The option to pay for the course is there only if you want the course certificate. The prices of certificates for the courses differ, but most of them are under $100/GHC500. Coursera also has a wide variety of course that you can pick from.

LinkedIn Learning / Lynda.Com

LinkedIn Learning/Lynda.Com is an additional service you get tacked on to your LinkedIn premium profile. offers over 6000 courses on a wide variety of subjects. LinkedIn premium starts at $30/GHC150 for a month. The thing about certificates though, is that the cost of the certificate is separate from the cost of the course. If you want a certificate, you have to pay for it separately.

These courses all work on very flexible schedules. You can take advantage of them even while you work. They can also diversify your skillset for your CV.


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