First Movie Theater Opened In China Since Coronavirus Closures Gets Zero Customers

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In a development that’s sure to make the movie industry just feel absolutely fantastic, the first movie theatre to reopen in China amidst the coronavirus pandemic got zero customers after opening their doors to the public following their long break, Variety reports.

The theatre Urumqi’s Zhongying Golden Palm Cinema had shut its doors on January 26 prior to doing a soft opening on Monday. Variety reports that there were 22 movies screenings and that the business even attempted to lure potential patrons by giving away free screenings for parents and children who are members of the cinema. That still didn’t work.

“We can’t stay closed forever,” said the theatre operator in a statement. “We can only cooperate with the notices, and test the situation a bit, and see what feedback we get from the public. If there are no new films, it makes no difference if we’re open or not. At the moment, we only have these few films; we have to wait and see if there will be new movies released.”

The cinema currently has just three people on staff, and they’ve reportedly been working hard to disinfect the joint before and after each movie is shown. People who choose to attend will also have to have their temperatures taken prior to entry, and they have to wear masks. They’ve also been advised to purchase tickets that aren’t right next to each other.

The Golden Palm is one of a handful of Urumqi multiplexes that are attempting to feel things out with re-openings.

This is happening because the Xinjiang region, of which Urumqi is the capital, hasn’t had a new case of coronavirus in nearly four straight weeks. Because of that, the local government gave them the go-ahead to reopen.

Source: Complex

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