Find Work As A Freelancer Using These Websites

Are you currently not working? Or do you have some freetime after work? And do you want to earn some extra cash? You should definitely be on a freelance site then. Think as Uber, but for your skillset. You can get freelance gigs as a writer, animator, graphic designer, and illustrator among others. Why not make some extra cash on the side?


Upwork connects freelancers to clients. Clients upload job requests for free which freelancer can then choose from. Upwork takes a commission from freelancers when they receive payments from clients. You can get paid through PayPal, Skrill, or directly into your bank account. You have to apply to Upwork as a freelancer, and it is difficult to get approved. If you’re good at what you do, go for it!


With Fiverr, the freelancers create profiles. On these profiles, they set their rates. Rates start at $5, hence the name Fiverr. Clients go through freelancer profiles and pick someone based on their past work and reviews. Fiverr also allows you to choose to be paid through PayPal, bank transfer or a Fiverr Revenue Card.


Freelancer is easier to get onto than Upwork. Although similarly, you as a freelancer have the option to choose from client’s requests. You make a bid and the client chooses his freelancer from the bids that he receives. With a freelancer account, your payments stay in your account until you reach a minimum withdrawal amout. And then you have options to withdraw.


People per hour allows freelancer to choose from projects. Clients upload these projects, and state their budget for it. On People Per Hour, freelancers charge by hour or by project. Freelancers here also place bids that clients choose from. Freelancer will receive their payments through PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfers.


On Guru, freelancer put up profiles. In addition to this, clients also put up requests. You go to a different page depending on whether you’re looking for a job or a freelancer. Guru pays to a PayPal account, a Payoneer account, onto your Credit Card or directly into your bank account. Charges vary depending on the payment method that you choose.

There’s nothing wrong with diversifying your income stream, and some of these sites have rather expensive requests. Go make you some extra cash.


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