Use This Trick To Make Your CV Fit Any Job

You increase the chances of getting a call for an interview when you personalize your CV for the application. This is time-consuming as you have to think of words that will stick out to each hiring manager. And then you have to do this for multiple applications. The process can be stressful. Here’s a tip for you! Find the right buzzwords that will get your application noticed with word clouds.

A word cloud is a visual soup of words, as you will see below. Word clouds show you what words are commonly associated with a particular job.

In a word cloud, bigger words represent words that are more frequently associated with a job. The word cloud above, for Content Writer, is littered with buzzwords that will make any hiring manager look at your CV twice.

You can find word clouds by searching Google Images. Just type in ‘Job Title+Word Cloud’. A little disclaimer: these are word clouds that have been created by other people and are simply available to find. Apply a little discretion when deciding on what words make it into your CV, and which ones you center your selling points around.

Go nuts with word clouds, and customize your CV each time.


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