TTU: Thinking Of Staying Indoors? Here Are Basic Self Quarantine Necessities You Will Need During This Coronavirus Outbreak

Takoradi Technical University (TTU)
Takoradi Technical University (TTU)

Aside from sanitary care and precautions, it’s important that we are prepared for any unseen casualties. 

Most, if not all Corona confirmed countries had their citizens pre-purchase non-perishable goods due to the Covid 19 panic.

Need to stock up but don’t know what to get? We gotcha!

Here’s a list of things you must get in order to survive staying in lockdown!
•Rice (because  why not)
•Cooking oil – preferably vegetable and palm oil, you never know.
•Bottled water – if you can afford it, if not then bags of sachet water. But just enough to last 2 weeks. It changes taste after a while.
•Beverages – Milo, your favourite drinks, etc.
•Biscuits – you could buy bread but consume it within a week.
•Toiletries – soaps and toilet paper. I don’t know why the toilet paper frenzy but hey you never know.
•Frozen foods – fish, chicken, sausages,  peas and any other refrigerated foods)
•Breakfast foods – cereals,  oatmeal, eggs, apples, cheese etc.
•Vitamin C – Get vitamin c to boost your immune system. Be it the powdered ones or tablets or the soluble types, there are multiple choices you can make depending on your budget.
•Others -potatoes or yam, long-lasting vegetables or fruits, pasta or noodles.

It’s very important that we take our health precautions seriously and please make sure that you always have access to media or social media to know new updates on the virus. 

That aside, let’s keep calm and try to stay put, cause moving about was what caused the spread in the first place.


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