Stop Printing Questionnaires For Your Long Essay! Use These Online Services

Imagine this, your supervisor finally, after numerous attempts on your part, tells you that your questionnaire is okay. Just okay, after weeks of implementing his suggestions. Anyway, at this point you’re broke. You don’t need a reason to be. Let’s just say that you are. So now, your broke self has to go print out 150 copies of a two-page questionnaire. That sucks, right? Except you don’t have to. Instead, you can use one of these services and skip printing altogether. These online survey services allow your respondents to fill out the questionnaires online. In addition to being cost-effective, these are also really convenient.


SoGoSurvey provides so much utility for free that it’s a steal. On signing up, let me mention again that it’s for free, you get access to a very big library of templates that you can customize. You can choose not to overthink it. In that case, you just choose a template and switch out the questions. That would work great. On top of that, however, you can also choose to customize the layouts yourself and put in a logo. The distribution of the survey also comes with multiple options. If you want a person to only be able to answer a survey once you have to pay for that restriction. However, the free version enables any one person to answer multiple times. You can get a shareable link or even a QR Code that can be scanned and takes a person directly to your survey.

Google Forms

Apparently, Google has a service for everything. You can use Google Forms to digitize and distribute your questionnaire. Google Forms also gives you access to some templates and allows you to edit them, instead of starting from scratch. Google Forms are simpler if you’re just trying to do something quick and easy. That is not to say you won’t produce something that is highly functional. Google Forms also has the added advantage of a collaborative option. This means that just like Google Docs, you can work on your survey with group members.


Typeform is a way to get your questionnaire to really stand out. This service offers templates, just like most of the other platforms. The major difference between Typeform and other services is aesthetics. Typeform will make you the most beautiful surveys out of anything on this list. There are also preset themes that you can choose from. These, unlike templates, allow you to choose just how your survey appears visually. So, this allows you to choose the colour palettes, survey backgrounds and transitions among others.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey has a decent interface. It also comes with an assistant that instantly takes you menus and options that you may need so that you don’t need to navigate the builder looking for certain options. The big drawback of Survey Monkey is that you are very limited if you opt for the free option. I mean, in the free version, you only get ten questions and a maximum of a hundred respondents.

I had to carry a very heavy bag full of questionnaires. Who knew paper could be so heavy? Well, hopefully, now you don’t have to go through the same thing.


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