Nail Your Job Interview With Power Poses. This Is Not A Gimmick

Okay. Where do I even start? Behavioural psychology studies human interaction. This includes the non-verbal ways that we communicate. That is our body language.

Former Havard Busines School and Rutgers University faculty member, Amy Cuddy, is an expert on the issue. According to her, you can use body language to your advantage in order to ace your interview.

In her studies, she examines the effect that power poses have on your own mind. Assuming a physically dominant stance can affect your outcomes in interaction. During a job interview, it is easy to lose your confidence. When you’re prepared for an interview, your lack of confidence should not have to be an issue.

Power posing for two minutes before an interview will get you a more favourable outcome. In this case, you won’t under-represent yourself.

Are you still sceptical? Watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on the subject below.


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