Coronavirus Is Delaying A New Cardi B Single


Coronavirus has claimed (the release of) another one. Though Cardi B’s got a new album in the works, it appears as though we’re going to have to wait just a bit longer to hear what she’s been cooking up. Yesterday, she told a fan on Twitter that her new single will be delayed due to the spread of coronavirus.

Cardi has been taking the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously. Her distress was on full display in a video posted earlier this week, where she exclaimed: “I don’t know what the fuck this coronavirus is about. I don’t understand how this shit was from Wuhan, China, now all of the sudden this shit is on mother fucking tour… Let me tell y’all something, I ain’t even gonna front. A bitch is scared. I’m a little scared. You know what I’m saying? Like, shit got me panicking.”


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