‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Reaches 15 Million Players In Three Days

image via Activision

Activision‘s new free-to-play battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone has once again hit a new milestone, reaching 15 million players after just three days since its March 11 launch date.

The game had already raked in a staggering six million players within its first 24 hours, breaking the previous record in the genre held by EA’s Apex Legends, which still impressively brought in 2.5 million gamers despite being a fresh title.

If the count increases at the same rate, Warzone will be on track to break Apex Legend‘s one week record of 25 million players as well. As for the game’s future content, its developer and publisher has now promised fans more DLC to come, including special live events.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now live and free over on the title’s website.

Source: Hypebeast

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