6 Enjoyable Songs About Coronavirus That Have Been Released

image via Yofrangel's music video for Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is still spreading and countries have gone on lockdown just to contain the disease. People are panic buying groceries and hoarding sanitizers and even though we have been told what to do (wash your hands thoroughly, use hand sanitizers, avoid large gatherings, stay away from handshakes and hugs!) people are still panicking.

Music makes you relaxed right? So, how about a great song with educative lyrics and enjoy?

Corona Virus – Yofrangel

This song is a jam lmao! The song was done by a Dominican singer and even though we do not understand what he’s saying (Spanish), we are definitely busting a move to the song.

Stupid Cough

A Philippines singer/comedian made a parody of Lady Gaga’s Stupid Love and it’s actually very informative. Oh, and yes, we have been humming the chorus all day!

The Coronavirus Song

If you are into country music, you would love this. It’s actually really catchy too and quite enjoyable!!!

Coro-na na na na ft Rucka Rucka Ali

If you are into hip-hop and you don’t mind offensive jokes, then this is for you! It’s funny and very entertaining.

Coronavirus By Morning

We were surprised that this actually sounded good since most of the songs are just plain jokes.

And finally, of course, the Ghanaian song that had all of us laughing but singing along

Enjoy and pay attention to the songs cos some are really educative.

Be safe and at least have fun with these songs!!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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