AMVCA7: Ghanaian Celebrities Do Not Take Fashion As Seriously As They Should

Yesterday the seventh edition of Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards ( #AMVCA7) was held at the Eko Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria and wow! Social media was on fire because of the looks on the red carpet!

It’s at events like these in Nigeria that you see that Ghanaians play a lot when it comes to the red carpet.

Male celebrities go unto the red carpet with suits they’ve had in their wardrobes for years. No effort whatsoever is put into their outfit choices. They just come to the events to show that they’ve been nominated for something or to just show their faces that they too were there.

Go and see what other male Nigerian celebrities were wearing!

Innocent Idibia (official2baba) at Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards
Banky Wellington at Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards

Nigerians take fashion seriously and it was so obvious yesterday! Nana Akua Addo was at the event and we must say, she was part of our favourite looks of the night!

If she wore what she wore in Ghana, most people would have said she had “overdressed” or she was “doing too much” but naaa!! She went on the red carpet with other Nigerians who take fashion as serious as she does.

Nana Akua Addo at Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards

It is easier for fashion designers in Nigeria to improve their range and expertise and get better at what they do because there is constant competition in their market and their clothes can get the traction they need to reach a wider audience but we cannot say the same for Ghana.

It’s about time all our celebrities and fashion enthusiasts wake up (in Wendy Shay’s voice) and start doing the needful. It’s not just a red carpet. You get a lot more people trying to invest more in the fashion and beauty industry in Ghana. You tend to create a healthy competition among the designers in Ghana so they can get better at what they do.


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