Ladies Skate In Ghana Too! Get To Know More About The Skate Gals Club Here

Image via @surfghana on Instagram

When you think of skateboarding, your mind immediately goes to the guys you’ve seen in movies or even real-life who engage in the sport; rarely do you think of a lady and that is why the Skate Gals Club was made.

Generally, women are more conscious of getting hurt and are tentative when trying new stuff. If guys are around, it’s even harder to engage in certain things because we don’t want to disgrace ourselves for them to see us as “someway”.

The Skate Gals Club (@surfghana on Instagram) was founded to help make it easy for ladies interested in skateboarding of all ages to learn and encourage each other.

Image via @surfghana on Instagram

Apart from learning how to skateboard, they partake in other activities like poetry, dance, painting and tye and dye among others. It is basically a safe haven for women where you meet and talk about everything. Celebrate your little wins and express some of your fears with no judgement.

Even if you know nothing about skateboarding, all you need is that interest. There are trainers available to help you. They have skateboards too for all your practice needs and you can borrow them as well so you don’t necessarily have to buy one.

To know more about the Skate Gals Club and how to join, kindly watch this video.


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