Why We Think J.Derobie Can Easily Become The New Face Of Reggae/Dancehall Music In GH

screenshot from J.Derobie's music video for Back It

Listen people! J.Derobie is mad talented and we don’t know the right words to say to describe just how talented he is.

He just dropped a new song, Back It and we do not know how to react! We have played it a million times already and each time, we are marvelled by how good the song is! Jderobie did not have to go ballistic on a track like that because we know… we know he’s capable of great things and we are ready to forgive him for his Odo Bra song.

Yeah, we said it.

Reggae Dancehall J.Derobie hits harder than Afrobeats J.Derobie.

We all discovered J.Derobie around the same time when his entry to Mr Eazi’s Empawa Challenge went viral. The young man was crooning about how all he wanted to do was make it in life and EVERYONE fell in love with it.

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Mr Eazi helped J.Derobie record the single, Poverty with a video

After hearing him wind his way around the patois like he was born in Jamaica or something, we felt good because we knew this was an exciting addition to the music industry and the home of reggae music thought so too because he had Popcaan reaching out to him for a feature on the Poverty remix.

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The popular Jamaican reggae and dancehall artiste, Popcaan

When he delved into roots reggae and gave us the other single, Irie some months later, we all agreed there and then that a saviour for the reggae/dancehall genre in Ghana had come. (Not like that particular genre is suffering but..we all know it needs more fresh faces!)

The effortless way with which he sang about life and his style on that second verse was proof if anyone needed any, that this guy knew what he was doing and was super impressive.

Image result for J.Derobie Irie
J.Derobie in the Irie music video

J.Derobie was going to be a fresh face for all reggae/dancehall fans in Ghana and we were excited about it until he dropped Odo Bra and we all got confused because… WHY?! (We know we sound entitled but WHY?!)

We understood that he was just showing us proof of his versatility and honestly, he’s said that so many times in interviews that we are pretty sure he’s tired of being asked: “why.”

Odo Bra was and still is a beautiful song! J.Derobie is talented, obviously, but Odo Bra was so different and sadly basic even though we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Screenshots from J.Derobie’s music video for Odo Bra

We had seen what J.Derobie was capable of and Odo Bra was sub-par compared to his previous music.

The young man has a future and it’s clearly in reggae/dancehall music!

We don’t know if it’s him or his management but JDerobie needs to keep making this genre of music AND STICK TO IT! He’s way too talented with a special skill to waste time sounding like the Joeboys and Fireboys of Africa, making afrobeats music. Why fit in when you can stand out???!!!

He’s already got that unassuming look that smashes the stereotype that reggae and dancehall artistes need to look some “type of way” and that is unique af!

He’s got a free pass to the reggae/dancehall throne with just three songs and he needs to use it! For our sake, for the sake of his fans.

Image result for i beg meme nigeria

We just need some consistency with his reggae/dancehall music and we pray his upcoming album, “A King Is Born” will have more music with that genre.

Get the song on all streaming platforms: Back It and watch his video for his new song, Back It here:

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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