Top 7 Religious Reactions To The Outbreak Of Coronavirus

It’s no news that Ghana and most African countries are very religious and any issue that comes up, our first reaction is prayer.

Two cases of the coronavirus were confirmed in Ghana yesterday and some African countries have also confirmed very few cases of the disease.

Most Africans, Ghanaians inclusive have taken the spread of the disease really hard!

These are some reactions we found very interesting.

This… this was an interesting play on words tho!

But some people are very serious and think y’all need to do the needful!

It’s clear how religious we are now right?

Prayers aren’t the only thing we need to prevent the spread of the disease like this post which went up hours before the cases in Ghana were confirmed and announced.

What we need to do as humans, whether religious or not is to find out how we can help each other prevent the probability of being infected now that the spread of the virus doesn’t look like something that is far away.

At the end of the day…

Stay safe guys! Wash your hands very well with soap and water, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, avoid touching your face too much, cook your foods very well, drink lots of water and you will be safe and oh yeah, pray too if you must but please do the needful in addition to be safer!


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