The 13th UPSA SRC Week Celebration Has Been Canceled

The Entertainment committee of the UPSA SRC wishes to use this medium to inform all students that the SRC week celebration has been cancelled.

The Entertainment committee was working tirelessly amidst all the issues going on with the Executive body of the SRC but it looks like the efforts of the committee will be in vain since the Executive body of the SRC are not willing to come together to solve issues.

The committee tried but THE PEOPLE voted for are not ready to forego their personal interest and work for the PEOPLE even though the week celebration is a constitutional mandate.

On this note, The executive body can appoint a week celebration committee to work on the week after they’re done fighting their battles. Members of the ENTERCOM are not to blame for the week celebration not happening.

Sorry to disappoint everyone but the LEADERSHIP OF THE PEOPLE HAVE FAILED THEM.


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