Bad Email Habits You Should Personally Avoid

Using Lengthy Email Titles.

Emails are commonplace when it comes to professional communication. However, emails are also much too easy to ignore. Therefore, use an appropriate email title that will allow you to make the impression that you want. To do this, ensure your title is short and addresses exactly what it is that you want to talk about. You want to be direct. Instead of say, easing into uncomfortable conversations with a lot of rumbling as you would in personal situations.

Replying All.

Be mindful when replying to emails that weren’t sent to just you. When you reply to an email, check to see that it goes only to the relevant recipients. It is annoying to be involved in a back and forth between two people when the part of the issue that concerns you has long since been addressed.

Sending Lengthy Emails.

When you send an email, you want to avoid back and forth as much as possible. In order to ensure this, you want to be concise and explicit in your email. Ensure that the recipient of the email understands what it is that you want from them. You do not need to beat around the bush or make any emotional appeals.


Typing in ALL CAPS LIKE THIS is rude. Doing this is termed as shouting because it is the email equivalent of the action. If you send an email doing this, you will come off as condescending to whoever is going to read that email.

Never Deleting Or Archiving Mails.

A cluttered mailbox makes it difficult to determine the things that are actually important. Try to archive, or delete as much as possible, correspondences that you’re done with. If whatever problem was addressed in an email chain was resolved, delete that chain. You can archive the mails that still hold information that you will need in the future.

Expecting An Immediate Response.

When you send an email, you should know that the response to your mail will not come back immediately. If you need clarification before you can move on with a task, then it’s best to focus on another task until you get that clarification. Most email replies should come back within a couple of hours. In that vein, you also need to ensure that you send email responses in a timely manner.

These email habits should make your workplace correspondences go smoother.


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