6 Tips To Build Your LinkedIn Profile

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You don’t have a LinkedIn profile? No job for you! I’m kidding. I’m kidding, but not entirely. A LinkedIn profile is essential for anyone searching for a job. It also comes in handy even if you already find yourself in a role. It is a way to have your resume online, as well as a way of making connections that can help you out later. If you don’t have one, absolutely do go create one. Done? Here are some tips to help you set up your LinkedIn profile, in order to create the right impression on potential employers.

Get A Custom URL.

When you first create your LinkedIn account you are assigned a default URL. This is clunky and has a bunch of random numbers attached. You can change this URL and get a custom one. Go into your profile, select edit profile, and edit your URL. When you’re done it should look something like www.linkedin.com/in/karelmensah. So this is definitely less cluttered and just cooler in general, right?

Choose A Great Photo.

If you can, get a professional portrait taken. The cameras on phones these days are ridiculous so a portrait taken on a phone should not be too bad either. Dress professionally, or semi-professionally. But definitely do not dress casually. Take a picture that’s just a little below your shoulders in length. Look professional, ya know? However, if you can show a little personality in there, that will get you some attention.

Edit Your Profile Headline.

So you know that line underneath your name in your profile? It usually has your company and job position in there. You can change that to whatever you want. If you’re not employed and are job searching, you should definitely change that. Instead, put in your area of expertise or what you can provide a potential employer. You can be witty if you want, however, your professionalism comes first.

Your Attitude Matters.

In the summary section of your account profile, you should have 3 to 5 paragraphs. These paragraphs should cover your passions, key skills (go ahead and make this into a bullet list), and your unique qualifications. This is an opportunity to show off your personality. Your passions go a long way in making an impression on anyone who views your profile.

Treat Your Profile Like Your CV.

Your CV shouldn’t just be a list of all the qualifications that you’ve amassed, and neither should your LinkedIn profile. Highlight your qualities and experiences that make you the best option for any given job. Also, remember to update your LinkedIn profile as regularly as you update your CV.

Add Multimedia To Your Summary.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to add images and slideshows to your summary. Take advantage of this feature. In addition to injecting some life into your profile, this has the added benefit of showing rather than telling. You can put in presentations you’ve worked on, or even pictures from company events. These will make your profile more colourful, and make it stand out.

Ask For Recommendations.

It is a good thing to document your successes, but it’s an even better thing when others can vouch for these successes. When you receive commendations for things you’ve worked on, you can ask also for a recommendation on LinkedIn. Ask for some specificity in the recommendation. If not, you risk it sounding generic. Certain buzzwords like ‘enthusiastic, team player and hard worker’ have been used so much that they have lost impact. Ask whoever is writing the recommendation to be specific about whatever role you played, and add figures where necessary.

Put Your LinkedIn Profile In Your Job Search Email Signature.

If you don’t know why you need a job search email, read this. Attaching a link to your LinkedIn profile gives you an advantage in your job search. It means anyone that receives an email from you is always a click away from your LinkedIn profile (which at this point is the bomb).

It is obvious that we’re in a time where we get information on everything from the internet. You want to create a LinkedIn profile. This gives recruiters a curated professional page they can look at when they search for your name. In addition to this, LinkedIn is also the biggest network for professional networking. Get on it now. And get your profile hireable.


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