4 Types Of Makeup Looks With MUA, Sleeknfleek

Image via @sleeknfleek on Instagram

From dramatic to dewy to nude, there are different makeup looks you can always explore and use depending on the type of event you’re going for.

Now, this may be confusing for us, but a makeup artist can create several types of makeup looks, depending on what you need, what results you want to achieve, the occasion and even the kind of skin type and personality you have. Which is why we sought the help of @sleeknfleek, an amazing makeup artist who made our models up for “The Lookbook”, Gold Coast Edition.

She is a freelance Ghanaian makeup artist who can create any type of makeup you ask from her for any event; she is also available to travel.

Here are some of the different looks she creates on a regular for people.

  1. Nude Makeup
Image via @sleeknfleek on Instagram

Of all the different types of makeup looks, nude makeup is probably the most popular as it can be your everyday look.

Image via @sleeknfleek on Instagram

Nude makeup is simple and minimalistic and doesn’t take away the natural look of your face.

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