4 Times Girls Wrongly Thought They Had Figured Guys Out

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Too many relationships have been dashed against the rocks for lack of knowledge. But it needn’t be so.

One of the main issues with modern relationships is a lack of communication.

Somewhere last month, a conversation was sparked concerning how much communication should be done in a relationship and a number of people stated that they would prefer chatting or communicating with their significant others a few times a week and this is where the issue truly is.

A lot of times, when we do not communicate, a lot of scenarios form in your partner’s head and the silence makes these thoughts flourish.

Here are some of the times ladies wrongly think they have figured guys out but what really was going through the guy’s mind is something different.

  1. When Your Team Loses
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Your team has lost and you simply can’t wrap your head around why that happened. And at that point, you really just want to sleep, cos you’ve got so many questions and your friends are sending you texts and calling you to tease you. You unconsciously carry it to bed and your girl tries to make it about her.

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