Why Africans Aren’t Really Getting Coronavirus According To Social Media

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Coronavirus is currently claiming lives all over the world and despite the fact that 100s are dying and even more people are catching the disease, Africa has recorded a very low number of cases with Egypt recording the highest number (roughly 50 something cases).

The West is baffled by this turn of events because it’s no news that Africa is known for not having the right medical facilities to combat this virus efficiently so naturally, everyone expects things to turn out the way Ebola did some years ago: an almost uncontrollable spread with thousands of death cases within the continent.

Fortunately, that is not the case at all. If anything, the virus is spreading too slowly (thank God) in Africa and amongst African Americans all over the world.

According to our people on Twitter, this is what the “secret” could be since every healthcare professional is asking and won’t stop asking!

Click the numbers below to see the hilarious and possibly legit reasons why Africa is recording fewer cases of the coronavirus.


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