UG: In Case You Want To Plan Game Night, Here Are Some Options To Consider

Wanting to plan a game night but your mind is blank? Don’t worry, just scroll down and you will be amazed at the number of options you have !

Truth or dare.

When a lot of people hear the truth or dare they go like ‘ wow I’m not playing this game’
Yes! We know what you are thinking but have you played a funny T/ D games with your friends?
If not try it and come back and thank us later

Card games.

Most of us love card games because that where we can show our shegy power. Where your best friend can give you +4 during Uno or give you a King and A to win in Solitaire.

Play station.

This is the food and comfort of many boys. They can literally play it the whole day and not touch their phones or feed their stomach. Planning to have a game night? Then you know what to do!
Anyways, did you know some girls are Pros too?

Board games.

We say you must have a high IQ plus strategy to play these games and lol sometimes it’s true. Most of us can’t play Chess and Monopoly also, you must have a lot of English words to play Scrabble and finally let’s do the maths and the ‘6 meludo’ geng


This can tend to be confusing when they are a lot but more fun with you do it with friends and the satisfaction that comes after completing it.

Guess games.

Guessing is our favourite thing to do. You can either guess the title of the song, the movie, the celebrity or the year a book was published.


Who said we need to go out before we can have a karaoke? Just get the lyrics from YouTube and you are good to go.


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