Here Is What We Know About Ghana’s 2 Coronavirus Cases

File photo: Xinhua

Today, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that two cases of the coronavirus pandemic have been recorded in Ghana.

Though the gender and nationalities of the patients were not revealed, below are some facts about the two cases.

Laboratory results of the two confirmed cases were received at the same time from the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research.

Both individuals returned to Ghana from Norway and Turkey. So these are imported cases of COVID-19.

Note the word returned… It means this is not the first time both patients were visiting the country.

Both patients, according to the ministry, are currently being kept in isolation and are stable. The location is undisclosed.

The government has initiated a process for contact tracing. This includes the people they flew with, the people they came into contact with while they were in the country among others. will share more details when they are made available.


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