Do You Know How Instagram Promotions Benefit Your Business?

Did you know that Instagram has about one billion users active every month? Now, imagine being able to reach specific demographics of that population with your brand. For instance, if you sold stilettos, you could promote one of your posts and it would only be shown to women within your delivery area and who are of a certain age (likely to buy your stilettos). You don’t necessarily need to build up your followership for this. You pay Instagram, and then they expand your reach.

What Is A Promoted Post?

Instagram has different Ad offerings. Here, we are going to focus on promotions. Promotions are available to professional accounts (creative and business accounts) from the profile page. Obviously, if you’re using an Instagram account for business, you need to change it from a personal account to a business account. After that, promotions are pretty easy to set up.

These Are The Actions You Can Add To A Promoted Post.

  • An action button that sends anyone who interacts with the promoted post to your profile. Use this when you have your page stuffed with other products that your audience might engage with as well.
  • An action button that will send anyone who clicks on it to your website. The website open up in Instagram’s in-app browser. This is a better option if you have a business website set up, or if you are a creative.
  • The final action button that you can pick from sends users who engage with your post to your direct messages. Use this if you promoted a post to sell that particular product, and not necessarily your brand.

This Is Who Your Promoted Post Will Reach.

Your budget determines the possible number of people you will reach. You can manually select your target audience. This involves deciding on everything from age and gender to the target location of the post. Alternatively, you can allow Instagram to automatically determine your target audience. According to Instagram, the automatic target audience is based on data of previous interactions with your posts.

This Is What A Promoted Post Will Cost You.

You can decide how much you want to spend on your promoted post daily, as well as how long you want it to be promoted for. If you spend a dollar daily (about GHC5.50) you can reach 200 to 530 people in a single day.

If you spend the same amount for two days, your reach almost doubles. And so on. Additionally, by increasing your budget for a single day you can increase your reach for that day. You can pay a maximum of $1,000 a day to reach 130,000 to 350,000 people within that one day. That’s a little above GHC5,000.

Instagram promotions are a simple to use tool that when used properly will earn you some extra cash.


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